Cimador Bathrooms has started a collection of videos to showcase recently completed client bathrooms. Each of these bathrooms is very different but showcase the types of renovations possible by Cimador Bathrooms. Some show stunning before, during and after renovations, and others show how Cimador Bathrooms can use recycled items including a spa baths, basin bowls and timber vanity tops to create a modern and environmentally conscious bathroom.

Cimador Bathroom Time Lapse.

The following video is a time lapse video* demonstrating the workmanship of Richard Cimador, owner of Cimador Bathrooms. This time lapse video shows the process taken from stripping a bathroom to it’s completion to showroom quality. Cimador Bathrooms policy is to stay on the job from start to completion which usually takes 2.5 weeks.

*Time-lapse photography is a technique where the frequency of frames rates is much lower so when the footage is played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster.

Showcase Videos